Characters from most of the Miyazaki films partying it up at an Izakaya.  Can you spot everyone? Source, with hi-res.

Some Blade Runner eyecandy for you this morning.

It’s supposed to be animated but I guess tumblr can’t handle it.

Shunsuke kun~

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Admittedly I don’t know One Piece very well, but I thought the drawing/character was cute.  Not sure who the artist is, I found it on a JP art site.




Here’s a few shots I took of Friends for Sweetest Drip.  Great show, and a really great artist with a lot of soul and genuine love for their music and the people that listen to them. Check out the article for a few of their songs.

Groove with MEZAMERU

Background painting from Spirited Away, by Oga Kazuo.

water is fire

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Evangelion inspired movie trailer  Pretty impressive what they did with the budget they had

In God We Trust” serves as a demonstration piece designed to attract the attention of Film Studios and potential investors utilising a “Look what we have created with no resources, imagine what we could do with a reasonable budget”

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Poor guy.  

Original GIF by HMNiD of Reddit.

Kiko Mizuhara