Toriena-san from Kyoto. She does chiptune music and these awesome Junko Mizuno-esque pieces, and deserves to have way more exposure!

Toriena - chiptune artist and illustrator. Her art is fantastic!



Looks a bit like Tadahiro Uesugi’s work


When it gets loudly, it gets very loud indeed”

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You’re not doing the broken voice like he does.

I like the clear painting style for this - cartoony but the lighting is vivid and clear, especially in the deep blue shadows, and the blown out wood texture on the banister.  The character’s sensual pose adds mystique; are they a male or female?  What are the yellow things on their head?  

His books were special to him.  They represented all the knowledge he had obtained, and the knowledge waiting to be absorbed, and he could not let them go. They were everywhere, in shelves stretching the length of entire rooms, with hundreds of books crammed into them, of all varying shapes and sizes.  They were on the kitchen table and on the toilet and even lying on the staircase.  He was a man drowning in literature.  

(Source: drab-nebula)




Mandrake Root, painted in gouache, 5x7 in.


Sketches by Kamil Smala.


A nice person teaching at CalArts did an anatomy lesson and included examples from me and Meredith Gran and others.

See, I … I know what i’m… i’m … doing….

by matthew ferguson

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These are Breathtaking.

These are bordeline Thomas Kinkade for me, but still really cool!

Look into the mirror

Love this guy’s supremely creepy work.