Toriena-san from Kyoto. She does chiptune music and these awesome Junko Mizuno-esque pieces, and deserves to have way more exposure!


Journeys in Japan

-Adorable Animals-

Check out this shiba inu my friend and I saw in Odaiba.  Her name is Hana, and she smiles when you reach out to pet her.

Feeling down? Maybe this will put a smile on your face, even for just a moment.  


i’ve been staring at this gif set for about ten minutes :p

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Shhh let’s pretend that Superboy can fly~

welllll….. superboy caaaaan fly… just not in YJ

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suppp, I’m a dork. it’s alright. 

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We wouldn’t be where we are today without the guidance and mentorship of our most influential teachers.  In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we at MindSnacks want to give a big THANK YOU for your passion, dedication, and tireless effort. 

Your unflagging devotion to what you do has truly shaped our lives, and you have our infinite gratitude for all that you’ve done.



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Photo by David Nakamura

One of the shots from the photoshoot yesterday!  It was a really fun and interesting shoot - everything was DIY.  The lighting setup was super ghetto (just a couple of spotlights clamped to tripods), but I think the results were quite nice.  All post was done by Adrienne.

"Im sure he is just stuck in traffic”

haha I miss having a kitty.

Shunsuke kun~

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