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Ray Toh
Pushing forward, through war, strife, and life—to far-flung frontiers and to those closer to home; struggle, the terrors of it, and the rewards one can reap from it: Ray Toh brings it all to us in his brooding, action-packed, majestic works.

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Stargazer. This was a composition exercise I started many months back, however I’ve been super busy and didn’t get around to putting the finishing touches on it until now!

I was reading the wonderful Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis (out of print, but free pdfs available online) and he has a great section about informal subdivision as a compositional tool. Informal subdivision is a process Loomis created where you divide your image space unequally (and somewhat randomly!) by drawing a series of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, following some certain rules. Then you use those lines to suggest a composition for whatever subject you’re drawing.

You can see the subdivision I created above & overlaid with the final. Instructions on how to do this & further process are on my blog! Try your own!

Great post.



Hopefully this is handy for a few folks.

It is a miracle I have people who want to talk to me on a daily basis.

Always love me some hands : D

I always feel good when my professor tells me I draw really expressive hands = u =

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Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki.

Montage piece to Miyazaki, one of the world’s greatest animators and story tellers of all time. Known for making the well known studio Ghibli he has created the animated movies “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Spirited Away”, “Castle in the Sky”, “Howl’s Moving Castle” and more, he is an amazing artist with an unfounded talent for narration who has touched so many peoples’ hearts with his movies. I grew up watching his movies, and hope one day that I can meet him in person and thank him for his gifts to the world. He’s such an inspiration to me, and the amazing attention to detail in each of his movies, the colors, the scenery and use of painting warms my heart each time I rewatch one of the movies.

I was selling prints of this at Fanime 2012, hopefully I’ll be able to go back into this piece to add a reference to Ponyo and fix up some parts and sell this as a poster size!

Medium: Adobe Photoshop CS5

Time: 12 hours

Done April 2011


testing intuos5


I’m trying to see if I can post more of my OCs and I was contemplating  painting on top of this in the future but now I don’t really know ha ha



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Ray Bradbury Japanese version
The illustrated man / The Martian chronicles / S is for space / Dark carnival

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