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above the clouds, between 2,700 and 3,500 metres high, with roberto bertero on mount rocciamelone in italy’s susa valley.  said roberto, “a night spent in silence in the mountains at high altitudes, under an infinite starry sky, certainly makes us realize how marvellous it is to be part of something infinitely greater than ourselves.”






A boy sharing an umbrella with a deer

why do i love this so much

that’s some Miyazaki shit right there

in response to the comment above. someone tell me if I got the kanji right cause I dunno



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Making our way through the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California. 

The days were warm but accented by a cool wind which would occasionally brew up sandstorms, which we’d see off in the distance.  At night the desert got quite cold, and it actually felt colder than it did when we were out in the mountains of Sequoia (Thank goodness for long underwear!).  We were also warmed by hearty meals of couscous, bacon, potatoes, freshly grilled onions and mushrooms.  If there was one thing we didn’t lack this trip, it was good food!  I was too hungry to even pause and take a photo of our camp meals.

If you’ve never made a point to go out camping, gather some friends and go!  When we go, we go rough - The first night were literally on some boulders up in a desert canyon oasis, surrounded by palm trees.  It was cramped and the terrain was not the best for making a comfortable camp, but what a unique and mystical location it was.  There’s something awesome about the sound of flowing water in the middle of a parched wasteland.  If you’re not so interested in worrying about finding a good camp area, there are established campgrounds that will still give you an incredible outdoors experience, with the benefits of a bathroom and fire pit.  


I like to think that Howl and Calcifer just sat down and had tea and a chat once in a while. You would too if your fireplace were a sentient fire demon. It’s one of the perks.

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Be in wonder of the progress of the world, don’t shake your fist at it.
It is my highest priority to create works which inspire the mind and bring comfort to the heart.



It’s a rule according to American media that Asian men must not have romantic feelings, ever.

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Grumpy cat and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

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Extra Cheesy Classic Homemade Lasagna.



Sci-Fi Suburbia by Simon Stålenhag

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Unfinished Composition (Girl in Floral Chair), Oil on linen (48x39) by Rachel Gregor, 2013

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